Thank you for the kind note!  It was an honor to see exactly what your organization does for veterans!

As a veteran of 7 years in the Air Force during the Nam Era, I was lucky on so many levels.

I was in Athletics and Recreation a job I loved and made a career upon discharge, and I did not get shipped to any areas of conflict!

Only conflict I had was coming home on leave in ‘72 and arriving at O Hare.  I was greeted by a young lady, who looked liked she was dressed in a long tie-dyed sleep shirt!

She saw me coming dressed in my uniform and immediately began cursing me and yelled things that would have my my seasoned NCOIC blush.  She spit at me and called me a baby killer!

I tried to calmly tell her I managed our athletic fields and programs, she continued her verbal barrage as I walked away!

What hurt most was the looks of others who visually agreed with her comments!  Me a young man in my 20’s doing my duty for a country who really didn’t appreciate us!  Some still don’t, I express all this for one reason:

Yesterday you and your staff after almost 50 years erased that hurt, that most embarrassing event for me.  You all showed that there are good people who understand those of us who went into service and signed that blank check to give even if it meant our lives!

You made me feel good about serving my country and made the efforts of our golf outing and dinner worth every second of time!

Thank you and all your staff for all you do for the men, women and their families that need a little help to get back on their feet.

I know God has a special place reserved for all of you because of your kindness, caring and generosity!

Thanks for making this old guy feel good about my time in service!   And if there is something that an ole Air Force MWR type with a bad back can do to help the cause please let me know!

Again thanks to all of you at Veterans Path to Hope and may your Christmas and New Years be filled with Peace, Love, Health and an Abundance of Joy!!