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What is the Veterans Supportive Housing (VSH) Program?

The purpose of the Veterans Supportive Housing program is to provide support to veterans who benefit from extra support to maintain housing and avoid a return to homelessness. Veterans may be referred through Coordinated Entry from New Horizons transitional living program, from the VA programs, from other agency programs, from other entities, or self-referred. The program is funded by several grants specifically targeting McHenry County and so veterans must reside in McHenry County while in this program. 

Who is eligible for the VSH Program at Veterans Path to Hope?*

  1. A member of the family must be a veteran.
  2. The veteran must demonstrate having a very low household income and no sizable assets. Income is calculated from all adult members in the household and is calculated before deductions.
  3. There must be an emergent need for assistance, via documentation of:
    • Living in a shelter, on the street, in a car, or place not meant for human habitation.
    • Possible jeopardy of losing one’s housing.
  1. Veteran may require more longstanding case management support to maintain housing and avoid a return to homelessness

*Eligibility criteria at any point can change.

Please call us at (815) 679-6667 or info@vphope.org for an up-to-date screening for assistance.

Non-Financial Assistance

Veterans Path to Hope will provide ongoing outreach and case management services.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • Employment Services
  • Personal Financial Planning Services
  • Legal Services
  • Applying for VA benefits and other public benefits/services
  • Visits and check-ins for support as needed
  • Access to food pantry

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance could include the following:

  • Rental Assistance
  • Security Deposits/Utility Deposits