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Veterans Community Action Team (VCAT)

What is the Veterans Community Action Team (VCAT) ?

VCAT is a grass-roots program that was created when a formerly homeless veteran employee described the experience of being placed into housing after having lost all possessions. The agency partners with Dreiske Moving Company as well as many local partners to collect furniture, household goods, and supplies for veterans who have been homeless and placed back into housing. A team of veterans delivers the furniture, household items, and two weeks’ worth of food to help the new housing feel like home. Recipients are informed about other agency programs that might be helpful to their situation.

Who is eligible for the VCAT Program at Veterans Path to Hope?*

  1. A member of the family must be a veteran.
  2. Veterans are referred to VCAT through an agency case manager, a VA HUD-VASH case manager, or a case manager from a collateral agency that has a Memorandum of Understanding with us.