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805 S. McHenry Ave., Suite D, Crystal Lake, IL 60014


TLS Veterans (legally known as Transitional Living Services) was founded in 1996 by Alan Belcher, a Vietnam combat veteran and licensed counselor. Since 2001 TLS Veterans has owned and operated New Horizons, a transitional living program in Hebron, Illinois, for 20 homeless veterans who want a chance to rebuild their lives. Veterans from WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Operation Desert Storm and OEF/OIF have successfully participated in our services and have found employment, reconnected with their communities and rejoined their families.

In 2011, TLS Veterans opened the site at 5330 West Elm Street in McHenry. Our drop-in resource center for veterans and their families offers certified veteran peer support to any veteran and family in need of assistance. The peer support group provides access to the food pantry on site, individual and group support for veterans in recovery, information for veterans struggling with claims barriers, and referral to other agency services such as New Horizons transitional living, employment assistance, housing assistance, and counseling. TLS Veterans has many community partners that work together to offer a safety network for veterans in need.

TLS Veterans’ programs are staffed by veterans and veteran-friendly individuals who have knowledge of the challenges that face veterans and demonstrate an individualized approach to each concern. Our community supports include the same: agencies, companies, civic groups, volunteers and donors who are willing to give their time, talent, and treasures on behalf of those who have served. Together, we transform lives through service to veterans.