Camp Hometown Heroes Fishing Trip 2019

What is Camp Hometown Heroes:

Camp Hometown Heroes was founded and is operated by the Wisconsin charity, Hometown Heroes, Inc. a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization. At the debut camp in June 2013, Co-Founders Jim Kacmarcik and Neil Willenson were joined by hundreds of volunteers in transforming the lives of these deserving children and their families.

The children we serve are the tragic embodiment of the statement “freedom is not free.” They have made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy each day. They sacrificed a parent, sibling or other loved one who valiantly served our country.

For decades to come they will be denied the physical presence and love of a cherished family member. There is no way we can fully repay the debt this country owes to children of our fallen service members. But we can work together to ensure they experience healing, happiness, acceptance, and growth. They are the legacy of a deceased U.S. service member. Our charity and dedicated volunteers work each day with great purpose to ensure they have a brighter future. This is the genesis of our Camp Hometown Heroes endeavor.

During our inaugural camp in 2013, Camp Hometown Heroes welcomed 62 children from 14 states entirely free of charge. The camp has grown to serve well over 150 children from 29 states. Our ability to welcome them is related to our success securing financial partners to sponsor the children. Your donation enables us to reach these kids and support them!

Our Trip:

TLS Veterans Outdoors, in partnership with Healing Patriots, was honored to be a part of this. We hauled a pontoon to central Wisconsin to enjoy taking 8 children out for a day of fishing. All the kids were great! We even caught a few fish. Following fishing, we were treated to a lunch with them. My respect for these children is without question. My only wish is that I could have spent more time with them and met more of them. The day we were there, over 100 children fished. We look forward to being a part their weekend in 2020!